Friday, April 15, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Right now I am sitting in the car riding back to Opelika. Lucky for me Adrian, with, is driving for me. Its a long way and I drove all the way here, so we are happy to be headed home. The week was long and on Wednesday we shot pictures until about 9:30pm. Got some great images of Cincinnati overlooking the Ohio River Valley. I want to recommend David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk blog as one of the most informative blogs for photographers. If you are an aspiring photographer David has officially become one of my instructors and teachers of lighting and composition. Ziser does what he does better than anyone else. Check him out on the web at, He has some of the best tutorials on Adobe Lightroom and general photography that you can find anywhere. I would also like to recommend to everyone to attend one of his classes if he is in the area.

As far as Auburn Heritage Photography, we are going to really work on getting our site up to date and move into the new age of photography which is lots of cool digital stuff. Amy is going to have her hands full trying to learn from what I learned over the last few weeks. If anyone has any questions regarding our photography or what we are working towards just contact us.

Our latest deal is a $90 11x14 print for free with the booking of either our top two wedding packages. Call or email us for information.

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