Tuesday, January 11, 2011

War Eagle and What a Happy Wedding Weekend!

This fabulous couple just got married this past Saturday, just two days before their favorite team would snag the National Champs title. What a nice wedding gift! Their wedding day was complete with several "War Eagle" cries, an orange and blue sand ceremony, an Auburn cap that found its way to the groom's head just minutes after the ceremony, and of course a very orange and blue groom's cake! Stephen and Danita are always laughing and encouraging each other and everyone around them.This photo from their engagement session is such an accurate depiction of their fun loving relationship and their contagious smiles. Stay tuned for some pictures of their beautiful wedding!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What a great Wedding

This was a great wedding with some really great people. We often are blown away at the types of people that we meet while taking pictures. This couple was one of those. Anthony and Johonna are very special people and really explode with love for each other and for our God. Every person that said something at their wedding described them both as amazing individuals that will only do more together than what they can do alone. This is really what marriage is supposed to be. We love being involved in weddings like this. It was a great day with some really awesome people.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Times in Chi-town

It is not very often we put up a picture of ourselves on our blog, however, since this is a blog about our work and we found ourselves "working" in Chicago this weekend, I made an executive decision to post these photos! With tripod and camera bag in tow, we set out to make at least one decent picture of ourselves. This adventure led us to the outskirts of town with the Lincoln Park Zoo as our final destination. We stopped several times along the way when we spotted unique textures and backgrounds. We had a blast being silly, exploring, and thawing out in every indoor portion of the zoo we could find. Keep in mind, the temperature was in the 20's the day these pictures were made. We would get the tripod and the camera timer set, throw off our jackets, scarves and gloves, run to our spots and smile. This is what we got...