Saturday, April 30, 2011

Learn a little more, shutter speed

Have you ever shot a picture and the image been blurry? You probably had no idea why it was blurry. In the last basic education post that I am doing I am going to discuss shutter speed. Shutter speed determines ambient light, or light that is in the area already. The light can be lights that are turned on, sunlight, window light, or lots of other sources of lights. Shutter speed is how fast the shutter opens to the digital sensor. For most portrait pictures you are probably going to have your shutter below 1/200th of a second, especially if you are going to use flash. Most cameras won't allow you to shoot faster than that if you have a flash on the camera. If you are shooting kids, you will probably get blurry images if you are not shooting a fast shutter speed. Sports is the same way. If you are shooting something where you want to freeze the action, you should probably shoot shutter priority, which is S on nikon, or T on Canon. T is for time, S is for Shutter Speed. You want to set your shutter speed to a relatively fast speed 1/400th or even faster if you are shooting sports. To do that you must have plenty of light available. Daytime is the easiest time to shoot a fast shutter speed. Most low light lenses with a wide aperture are the best for shooting fast, because they bring in lots more light. Sports is tough because the real good lenses for Sports cost in the thousands. Canon and Nikon both make a 70-300 lens that will work for sports, but only in daylight because of their high aperture. Your blurry images are because of 1 of 2 things. 1) your subject was moving so fast that while the shutter was open the subject moved so the sensor is seeing the whole motion, it is also called motion blur, sometimes people use it as an effect. 2) The shutter speed was so slow that you moved the camera because you were shaking, also known as camera shake. Most people cannot shoot below 1/50th of a second hand held, if you have a tripod, you can shoot super slow. If you have any questions for me please let me know. I think this post makes sense.

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