Thursday, March 11, 2010

1st Year Experience

Baby season is in the air and with that comes lots of calls to take baby pictures.  Which is great since most weddings aren't until summer. We are always ready to take some pictures of a "bundle of joy". We spent part of our afternoon last Saturday with some friends taking pictures of their little one. His beautiful nursery lent itself to some great indoor pictures. We look forward to meeting them again in about three months to see how much he has grown. Don't forget that we are still offering half off our sitting fee as well as giving everyone an opportunity to win some money with our babies and children contest through our photo lab. We are also beginning to promote a baby package we like to call "The 1st Year Experience" with an initial sitting fee of $100.00. As usual, the sitting fee includes a disc of all your pictures resized to print 4x6 images on your own. If you continue out the year with three additional sessions (6 month, 9 month, and 12 month), we charge $50.00 each session, but at the end of your baby's first year we will give you a proof book, valued at approximately $150.00. The proof book will include photos from each of the four sessions. We look forward to taking pictures of your Baby.

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